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Almaden (R) Polyolefin Encapsulant Films from Changzhou Almaden Co., Ltd. can help module manufacturers reduce their total system costs and get powerful performance. Those using modules made with Almaden (R) films may gain added stability and reliability during operation,extending service life and generating increased value from their installations.

Almaden (R) Polyolefin Encapsulant Films are suitable for rigid modules that use crystalline silicon or thin film technologies. They are also suitable for many flexible module configurations. These advanced films are applicable for any scale residential, commercial, and utility installations.

Almaden (R) Polyolefin Encapsulant Films can protect photovoltaic modules better than ever to help further preserve and extend solar power production.

Almaden (R) Polyolefin Encapsulant Films performance is very balanced in all aspects such as Water Vapor Transmission Rate (WVTR) , temperature resistance and volume resistivity. Almaden also can custom the film formulations that are designed to address customer needs.

Moisture Resistance AllowsLong-Lasting Protection

The structure of Almaden (R) films allows them to help modules resist moisture damage caused by absorption, corrosion, or delamination. Also Alamden (R) films have an excellent lower Water Vapor Transmission Rate (WVTR) than EVA or PVB. The WTVR of Alamden (R) films can be 10-20x lower than that of EVA or PVB films. This great ability makes Almaden (R) Films offer high levels of long-lasting protection.

Great Properties Help Improve  Electrical Performance

The Volume Resistivity levels of Almaden (R) Films are very high when compared to EVA films and PVB films. PV modules using Almaden (R) Polyolefin Encapsulant Films have more than 50% reduction in leakage current compared to some EVA films. This can help enhance electrical performance, reduce the effects of potential

induced degradation (PID), and further extend service life.

Improving Efficiency and Enduring Power

Almaden (R) films have ability to provide optimal power output. They have a comparable level of Optical Transmission to EVA films.The refractive index of Almaden (R) films is very close to that of glass, reducing refractive losses off of the glass-polymer interface and maximizing light transmission to the cell.This has a very positive effect on overall power generation and preservation.

Excellent Stability Can Help Extend Service Life

Modules made with Almaden (R) films show excellent stability in various environments. These modules have passed demanding weathering tests while exposed to harsh environment such as thermal fatigue, rain, hail, and wind. Even after 10,000 hours of Xenon Arc weathering testing, Almaden Films did not show an increased yellowness index (a problem often associated with EVA). Such excellent stability in extreme use conditions can help extend service life.

POE Films

POE Films

Typical Physical Properties:

Optical Transmission

> 90%

Ultimate Elongation

> 700%

Ultimate Tensile Strength

10 MPa

Refractive Index


Glass Transition Temp

- 50 ℃

Volume Resistivity

≥ 8.0×1015 Ohm-cm

Adhesion to Glass

> 10 N/mm

Water absorbing rate

< 0.01%


> 70%


0.88 g/cm^3

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